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The Astral Submarine


"At Rama's behest the magnificent chariot rose up to a mountain of cloud with a tremendous din. Bhisma flew with his Vimana on an enormous ray which was as brilliant as the sun and made a noise like the thunder of a storm. It was as if the elements had been unleashed. The sun spun round. Scorched by the incandescent heat of the weapon, the world reeled in fever. Thousands of chariots were destroyed, then deep silence descended on the sea. The winds, began to blow and the earth grew bright. It was a terrible sight to see. The corpses of the fallen were mutilated by the terrible heat so that they no longer looked like human being. Never before have we seen such a ghastly weapon and never before have we heard of such a weapon...or something like that...or whatever...i don't know...i'm not steven spielberg.." quoted from a weird guy named Von something about some weird stuff that happened some trillion years ago when people actually paid attention.

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Dec 2011
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