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An introduction to Loudpass


Loudpass is the first comprehensive network for musicians and music industry people from around the world. Developed using the most modern technologies of Internet, Loudpass will come to provide a channel of communication and cooperation between people who make up the global music industry: musicians, bands, producers, event organizers, managers, dj and others. Through its various services, Loudpass will provide users with all those tools they need to accomplish or promote their work and establish new partnerships.
Loudpass's objective is:

  • To provide each user the ability to create one or more profiles (depending on the number of properties: musician, band, dj, manager, producer, etc.) that will contain all information about the music business. Apart from basic information (place of residence, age, etc.), the user provides a set of information associated with the musical background, experience and overall music business (for example: instruments he plays, equipment used, kinds of music listening to, artists marked as influences and capability in writing music and lyrics, music theory knowledge, experience in live performances, experience in recording in a studio) and in this way sets the "musical identity", which can be updated  whenever he wants to. In addition, audio-visual material (photos, music and video) enhance the profile of each user. If the user happens to have more than one "musical qualification" (for example, a musician and manager), he has the potential to create more profiles, one for each capacity.
  • To give the user the ability to search for other users, according to several criteria he completes. In this way the process of finding partners of the same or different "music sector" gets simplified and completed in minutes.
  • To allow direct and reliable communication between users.
  • To provide space for users to analyze issues related to their capacity, experience and music in general, through personal blogs. Each user has a personal blog, where he can publish his thoughts and views on a musical theme, the experience of an event, a musical instrument or equipment, the opinion for a new music release and other. Each of these publications can be enhanced with audio-visual material (photos, video, music).
  • To adjust the content raised by each user, based on his own personal preferences (information declared in the profile).
  • To highlight emerging artists from across the music industry (musicians, bands, producers, manager, dj, etc.) through social networking features and modern technology to be used.
  • To stimulate users to work together and create.
  • To enable the categorization of any information inserted in the user profile. This means that all fields completed in the profile (or profiles, if more than one) of the user automatically acquire their own "page" and in this way all data and information entered on this site are concentrated and categorized.

Please note that Loudpass is currently on beta stage. More features are going online every day.

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